Projector and movie camera manuals 

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General Information

Bell & Howell Projector parts
Kodak Equip. for Home Movies ~1929
Kodak Movie Making Case
The Keystone Movie Guide ~1956
Accessories for Keystone proj. and Cameras ~1929
model T-1500 recorder

8mm Projector Manuals

Argus M-500 (912KB)
Ampro Precision Projector 8mm
Bell & Howell  Filmo 8
Bell & Howell  AUTO Load 363 & 370 (912KB)
Bell & Howell 
Models 370, 363, 255
Bell & Howell  Model 1734zModel 1734z (912KB)
Dejur 500 (9MB)
Eumig P8 imperial
Eumig P8m imperial
GAF auto threading dual 8
Keystone R-8 (
2.5 MB)
Keystone K-60
Keystone K-75 (912KB)
Keystone K-95, K95 m (912KB)
Keystone K-108
Cine-Kodak Analyst 8
Model A7.5
Eastman Kodak Brownie 500    (751KB)
Eastman Kodak Brownie 8 (12.0MB) 
Kodascope Model C (437KB)
Eastman Kodak Chevron 8 (636KB)
Kodascope Models K-50 &K-75
Kodak Ektasound 245
Cine-Kodak Showtime 8
Cine-Kodak Showtime 8 var. speed  (2.0MB)
Cine-Kodak Showtime model A20 (2.0MB)
Cine-Kodak Showtime model A30 (12.0MB)
Kodascope Eight-7 (12.0MB)
Kodak Automatic 8 (12.0MB)
Revere 8mm model 80? ~1940 (12.0MB)
Revere 8mm model 85 ~1949 (
2.4 MB)
Revere 8mm model 90
~1949 (3 MB)
Universal PC-500 (12.0MB) 
Wollensak model 18 (12.0MB)
Wollensak model 818 (12.0MB)

16mm Projector Manuals  
Ampro Precision Projector 16mm (912KB)
Ampro sound  models U, UB (912KB)
Ampro sound  models UA, UAB (912KB)
Ampro sound Auditorium model L (912KB)
Ampro sound model M-Junior, N Senior(912KB)
Ampro sound Model X (912KB)
Ampro sound Model X
Bell & Howell Filmo TYPE S  (12.0MB)
Bell & Howell Filmo
Diplomat ~1946
Bell & Howell 273
Bell & Howell Spec. Filmosound 560 Arc (12.0MB)
Bell & Howell 1568b high Intensity ARC (12.0MB)
Keystone K-160
Keystone K-161
Keystone A-82

Pageant Model 1
Kodak Pageant Sound model AV-126-TR (12.0MB)
Kodak Analyst movie projector (12.0MB)
EIKI ST/M (12.0MB)
Wollensak model 65

Slide Projector Manuals 
Kodak 300
Kodak Carousel 750  
Kodak Carousel 800    
Kodak Carousel 860   (12.0MB)

8mm Movie Camera Manuals

Bell & Howell Electric Eye  390TA Camera  (912KB)
Bentley BX-720 Super 8
Bolex Paillard D8L Movie Camera  (912KB)
Keystone K-8
Movie Camera
Dejur Fadematic
Movie Camera
Kodak Brownie
Movie Camera f/1.9
Kodak Cine
Movie Camera f/1.9
Cine-Kodak Medallion 8 Movie Camera (912KB)
Cine'-Kodak Model B  Movie Camera f/3.5 Lens
Kodak Ektasound 140 Movie Camera
Keystone Capri Model K-25
Revere Models 80-84 Movie Cameras

8mm Movie Camera/Projectors

Wittnauer Cine - Twin Combination (912KB)          

9.5 mm Movie Camera/Projectors

Midas Camera-projector -2934 (912KB)          

16mm Movie Camera Manuals

Bell & Howell Auto Magazine load (912KB)







































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